The brand

SULÉKÓ – The echo of your soul

This name recalls a Georgian poem, which became a very popular Russian song, “Souliko”. This song is about a young man who is seeking his soul mate. It is through smelling the wonderful scent of a rose that he eventually finds her.

This very moving song pays tribute to the power of perfume. Perfume is a reflection of oneself. It tells our story and reveals something about us even before we have said a word. It also survives us, as the most vivid memory of a being. A well-chosen fragrance will magnify the person who wears it, will act as an aura, a second skin, the echo of the soul – “soul-echo”.

SULÉKÓ reflects the approach of a Russian perfumer who emigrated to France after the Revolution: Konstantin Weriguine. He worked alongside Ernest Beaux at Bourjois-Chanel. In his book, “Souvenirs et Parfums” (“Memories and Perfumes”), he describes beautifully the scents of Russia: the smell of the snow, the black earth (tchernoziome), the big Easter festivals…and defines each season as a combination of specific scents. SULÉKÓ was inspired by this approach and created four universes defined olfactively, but also emotionally: SULÉKÓ WINTER, SULÉKÓ SPRING, SULÉKÓ SUMMER and SULÉKÓ FALL. Each universe matches a specific state of mind, a personnality or a phase of our life.

SULÉKÓ WINTER is a season of contrasts: the outside freezing cold is opposed to the warmth of a home and nature becomes violent all the while we celebrate Peace and the holly days. It is a period defined by silence, Mystery and Contemplation.

SULÉKÓ SPRING is defined by the awakening of nature; it is a period when we are overwhelmed with luminous, joyful and fresh scents. It is the season of everlasting youth, energy, feast and celebration of life.

SULÉKÓ SUMMER is defined by the sun, its warmth and by a luxurious nature which exhilarates us with voluptuous scents. It is a period of freedom when passions and emotions reign.

SULÉKÓ FALL is defined by the earth and the forest; nature commences its regenerative process while the human being enters into a phase of reflection, questioning and major upheaval. It is a period when spleen and melancholy lead to a search for Truth.

With its seasons, SULÉKÓ makes the search for a fragrance an initiatory path, a rediscovery of oneself. Experience this journey with L’atelier, the Master Class created by SULÉKÓ.