Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is the terrifying witch, which appears in the Russian tales. All the children know her and fear her. She lives deep in the forest in a house standing on chicken legs and reigns over woods and wildlife. The storms announce that she is coming; the wind blows, the trees howl and the leaves swirl with the wind.
In every tale we find the same structure of a miserable kid, unhappy with his stepmother who ends up sending him away to the forest, where the kid is attacked by this horrible Baba Yaga. All alone, he has no choice but to face her; deep within himself he will find the strength and the courage to confront her and no matter how young he his, he will be brave and very clever and will be able to outpace the Baba Yaga, thwart her plans and get back home. There he will shed light on the truth and his father will get rid of the mean stepmother. The kid asserted himself and has earned the right to live happily ever after.

But has Baba Yaga really left us ? Isn’t she, in fact, this dark force, which encompasses all our fears, our doubts, our anxieties. A force that represents everything that harms us, everything that holds us back and consumes us. This force gradually grows upon our head and will get so powerful one day that we will have no other choice but to face it if we want to live instead of survive. While facing her we will feel the force of life again, and we will make a clean break with the past, start things over in a clean environment and open for us the way to a better life.