Baba Yaga

A dynamic freshness leads you to a shiny forest on a day of fall: the sharp touch of bergamot, the soft bitterness of orange, the juicy mandarin; an orange bouquet very refreshing and invigorating !
But soon you will feel pushed and pinched by a gust of spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, clover, pepper, pink berry…and this walk through the forest will become a chase. You will feel captured by the forest and the soft smell of dry shiny leaves will fade over the dark notes of wood, moss and humid earth. And all of a sudden you will be taken by this powerful dark force, this tornado with the animal note of leather, the captivating note of cade, the earthy smell of patchouli.
Will you find your way to the luminous iris-scented path or will you let yourself be taken by this dark force coming from the depth of the wild forest ?