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Porcelain Sculpture-Bottle containing
50 ml of Djélem Eau de Parfum
Sculpture-Bottle designed with artist Alain Fichot
Refillable . Signed and numbered by the artist
With Certificate of Authenticity
Ajustable cap-ring

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Djélem is a Gypsy song which became the anthem of the Gypsies. The fragrance translates the spirit of the Gypsies who exalt our emotions, make us free, bring us to live our lives in the instant and forget about the future... Djélem reflects the proud, impulsive and passionate side of Gypsies and their love of freedom.

Imagine a hot summer day and endless fields, you are blinded by the sunlight, you can smell the hay freshly cut. Carried on a breeze laden with spices you run to join the Gypsies. As you come closer to them you can smell the carnation in their long hair. A spiky smell of clover reminds you how wild and unpredictable they can be. The Gyspies dance, their colored shawls move along with the music, the bodies ondulate… this atmosphere is embodied in the unctuous and sensual smell of amber, the warm labdanum and the sweet vanilla absolu, which echoe the peppery fragrance of carnation, with spicy notes of clove . Progessively, the warm and radiant smell of amber is overwhelmed by the darker scent of everlasting flower, which translates the mysterious side of the Gypsies.

The porcelain sculpture bottle was created with artist Alain Fichot as a visual representation of the perfume. Alain Fichot is one of the specialists in the complex art of cristalline glazes and more specifically in the colour red, which is one of the colours most difficult to obtain.
Alain created a specific porcelain shape, which will serve as a canvas for the crystalline glazes. He then composed a  unique mix of metal oxyds to obtain the bright shimmering colors, which would reflect the wild spirit of the Gypsies.
He needs to carefully polish each porcelain-sculpture to eliminate all asperities.The glaze is carefully applied on the sculptures, which are then, fired at high temperature. The oven is slowly cooled so that the crystals can form; then, the temperature of the oven is stabilised so that the crystals can grow. To modify the colours, the temperature in the oven must be changed several times; a pearly effect is obtained by smoking the sculptures. When the glazes reach fusion the process becomes magical and supplements the talent of the artist : each time, the colours blend with each other differently and appear in different shades and shapes. Each sculpture comes out unique.
The Djélem sculpture-bottle is inspired by a Gypsy, dancing to the sound of music, with a shawl. The bright shimmering colours of the crystalline glazes reflect the mysterious, sensuous spirit of the dancer. The glass bottle containing the perfume is locked in the porcelain-sculpture, its metal cap reflects the sculpture making it totally integrated into the porcelaine-sculpture. You may unscrew the pump and easily refill your Sculpture-Bottle.

The Art of Crystalline glazes requires patience and a lot of attention. Crystalline glazes are the work of a lifetime, a fusion between the magical power of nature and the know-how that the artist builds up progressively, year after year.

The cap of the Sculpture-Bottle can also be worn as a ring. The size of the ring is ajustable.

You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity. 

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