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Baba Yaga

Porcelain Sculpture-Bottle containing 50 ml of
Baba Yaga Eau de Parfum
Designed with artist Joëlle Fèvre
Refillable . Limoges Porcelain
"Ajustable cap-ring"

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Baba Yaga refers to the witch of the Russian fairy tales ; all the children know about her and dread to meet her. She lives in a dark forest and reigns over wild animals; she travels on a mortar and wipes her tracks with a broom. A storm with terrifying winds and whistles announces that she is coming while the trees crack in pain and the leaves fly all over.
But to us, Baba Yaga means something else - it is this dark force, which embodies all our fears, everything that holds us back, hurts us and consumes us. That force keeps building up, deep inside us and one day we will have to confront it, fight with it and be victorious so that we can live our life and not merely survive. This fragrance speaks of that fight.

A dynamic freshness leads you to a shiny forest on a day of fall: the sharp touch of bergamot, the soft bitterness of orange, the juicy mandarin; an orange bouquet very refreshing and invigorating ! But soon you will feel pushed and pinched by a gust of spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, clover, pepper, pink berry…and this walk through the forest will become a chase. You will feel captured by the forest and the soft smell of dry shiny leaves will fade over the dark notes of wood, moss and humid earth. All of a sudden you will be taken by this powerful dark force, this tornado with the animal note of leather, the captivating note of cade, the earthy smell of patchouli. Will you find your way to the luminous iris-scented path or will you let yourself be taken by this dark force coming from the depth of the wild forest ?

The porcelain sculpture bottle was created with artist Joëlle Fèvre as a visual and tactile representation of the perfume.  Joëlle starts from a block of clay, which she sculpts to obtain light effects and texture effects. She does not use glaze because she likes to work with the organic texture and the translucency of porcelain biscuit.  The aspect of the sculpture-bottle changes depending on where it stands and how it is touched by light.
Baba Yaga was designed as a twister steming from the depths of the earth. Part of it is smooth, which brings a feeling of speed, of a storm with a strong wind. Two defying eyes are coming out of the wood, they watch you and challenge you. Tortuous hands appear on one side, Baba Yaga is gradually coming out of the bark of the tree, which one can feel with its coarse and rugged touch. Joëlle Fevre sculpted the porcelain deep to maximize the effect of the light ; shades appear on it such as multiple facets of this powerful dark force, which invades us. The light flows through the veines of the bark and brings Baba Yaga to life. The glass bottle containing the perfume is locked in the porcelain sculpture; its metal cap reflects the top of the sculpture thereby becoming an integral part of the porcelain sculpture. The pump can be easily unscrewed for a quick refill and without loss of perfume.

Joëlle worked with a team in Limoges, which masters the porcelain traditions of Limoges and has the talent and expertise required to hand-finish each sculpture to produce the effects of texture and light.

The cap of the Sculpture-Bottle can also be worn as a ring. The size of the ring is ajustable.



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