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Do you know what your perfume says about you ? 
Login to our one-hour online video masterclass to learn the language
of scents and uncover your perfume match...


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« Tell me which perfume you wear and I will tell you who you are … »  This might sound strange to some of you but your perfume does speak about you ! Do you know what your perfume says about you ?

Our Master Class is a journey through the four seasons of Sulékó, which will allow you to learn the language of scents. You will start by learning the « alphabet », which , in the world of perfume, translates into scent ingredients, raw materials. You will discover 12 scent ingredients: natural essences, synthetic molecules, absolutes and you will learn about raw materials: how they are extracted, how to smell them and how to memorize them. Then, you will learn about the messages that they convey by listening to poetry and discovering paintings.
Having learned the “alphabet”, we shall then proceed with the discovery of « short stories »: perfumes. You will learn how ingredients come into play to create a perfume and you will discover the 4 Sulékó "Eau de Parfum". You will learn about our process of creation and how to apply a perfume.
This initiation to the world of perfumes will help you refine your sense of smell and determine, which perfume truly matches your personality and your state of mind.

During this class you will also learn about the Art of Porcelain and the exceptional know-how of two artists Sulékó collaborated with for its Porcelain Sculpture-Bottles.

The online Master Class lasts one hour, it is presented by Anastasia Sokolow, the founder of Sulékó, in French, Russian and English. We invite you to select your choice of language when you place your order.

Once you have made the order, we will mail you :

1/ an individual access code to the online video Master Class. This code will remain active 15 days after you have logged in for the first time.The video shall be available on all supports - computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets... It is available for you at all times so that you can enjoy seeing it or just parts of it as many times as you wish during this period of 15 days.
2/ an additional sample box which includes : 12 ingredients diluted in alcohol (12X0.003 fl. oz.) to discover on paper blotters only, 4 « Eau de Parfum » spray samples (4X0.07 fl. oz.) to try on paper blotters and/or skin, 32 paper blotters and a booklet.
3/ a special offer: 25% off your first purchase on our online boutique. This discount is valid on the purchase(s) of (a) sculpture bottle(s) or any duo (Sculpture-bottle + filled travel spray). 

Please make sure that you have access to a good internet connection ; the quality of the online video will depend on the quality of your internet connection.
L’atelier by Sulékó is available anywhere you are but our sculpture and refill bottles as well as our talismans are delivered only in Europe and in the United States.
Experience the Master Class within a month after you have received your purchase to fully enjoy the scent ingredients.

* VAT FR 20% if applicable