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Baba Yaga talisman

Travel spray to be filled +
1.7 fl. oz. refill bottle of Baba Yaga "Eau de Toilette"
Glass and Limoges Porcelain

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100,00 € HT 19.60 € * 120,00 € TTC

This Travel Set will allow you to have your Sulékó Eau de Toilette with you at all times ! 

The 10 ml glass bottle is adorned with silver ondulations steming from the logo of the brand and designed in a primeval yet contemporary style, playing with the effects of symmetry. 
Its cap reminds of a talisman, sculpted in clay ; it was designed in line with the traditions inherent to the porcelain of Limoges. The curves engraved in the porcelain allow to play with light and shades. Each cap is carefully polished to emphasize the engraving and obtain a soft and smooth texture. The sandy touch of the biscuit of porcelain is preserved and makes this object so organic, a modern talisman to hold your perfume!

A specific technology was used for the cap of the Sulékó refill bottles so that the Sulékó Travel Sprays can be easily and quickly refilled without any loss of perfume. The refilling process starts automatically once the refill bottle is inserted inside the bottle to be refilled and screwed to the maximum. The refilling stops automatically when the bottle is fully refilled. The refill bottle is recyclable.

The 10ml travel spray can be filled 5 times (5 X 10ml) with the 50ml (1.7 fl. oz.) refill bottle.

* VAT FR 20% if applicable