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Midi Eternel
2 ml spray sample
To uncover the notes of our scented candle

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Midi Eternel is a home fragrance; it must not be applied to the skin or clothes. Spray the perfume in the air, preferable in a small room (less than 50 sq ft.), let it spread around for a few minutes and come back within 15 minutes to smell its sillage. 

This sample purports to give you the opportunity to have a first feel of our scented candle Midi Eternel; as the spray (which includes alcohol) does not diffuse the fragrance as effectively as the wax candle heated by a flame does. We recommend that you spray the perfume in a small room (less than 50 sq feet) and then return to the room within 15 minutes to uncover the sillage of Midi Eternel.


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