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Porcelain Sculpture-bottle containing 1.7 fl. oz. of
*Albho- Eau de Parfum
Sculpture-bottle designed with artist Joëlle Fèvre
Limoges Porcelain • Refillable
With Certificate of Authenticity
Adjustable "cap-ring"

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*Albho- represents the Swan – the symbol of spirituality.

The swan hides a human beeing ;  it is a beeing (man or woman) in meditation who progressively frees itself from the body of the animal by finding harmony and peace.

The fragrance was created around the contrast between cold and warm.
As if transported to a distant country beyond snow-covered mountains, where the sky is always pure, an icy freshness of mint and eucalyptus takes hold of you. The atmosphere is one of icy purity.
 Moving through the immensity of the forest, a woody scent takes you to the highest treetops. The freshness of pine, the dry hardness of cedar and the smoky finish of guaiac wood take you to unexplored horizons, a frozen land where the Swan lives, secluded.
 And then, you smell the distant scent of balsams, benzoin, tolu balsam, labdanum. These warm and suave resins represent a human being, which slowly frees itself, quietly and peacefully.

The porcelain sculpture bottle was created with artist Joëlle Fèvre as a visual and tactile representation of the perfume. Joëlle starts from a block of clay, which she sculpts to obtain light effects and texture effects. She does not use glaze because she likes to work with the organic texture and the translucency of porcelain biscuit. The aspect of the sculpture-bottle changes depending on where it stands and how it is touched by light.
You can see a human silhouette carefully polished and two wings with sculpted feathers, joining in the form of an egg – symbol of life. The rough aspect of the porcelain biscuit and the shape of the lines project the force and the power of the swan standing on rocks shaped by the waves of the ocean. But the wavering lines of the wings and the carefully sculpted feathers do also project the grace and the majesty of the swan. The light bounces off the wings and generates an effect of everchanging shades. The fingers of the hand find naturally their place on the wings and enjoy the feeling of the texture. The glass bottle containing the perfume is locked in the porcelain sculpture; its metal cap reflects the top of the sculpture thereby becoming an integral part of the porcelain sculpture. The pump can be easily unscrewed for a quick refill and without loss of perfume.

Joëlle worked with a team in Limoges, which masters the porcelain traditions of Limoges and has the talent and expertise required to hand-finish each sculpture to produce the effects of texture and light. You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

The metallic signature cap can be also worn as a ring. The size of the ring is ajustable.

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