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Baba Yaga

Porcelain Sculpture-Bottle containing 1.7 fl.oz. of
Baba Yaga Eau de Toilette
Sculpture-Bottle designed with artist Joëlle Fèvre
Refillable . Limoges Porcelain
With Certificate of Authenticity
Ajustable "cap-ring"

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The Eau de Toilette is based on the Baba Yaga Eau de Parfum. We have invigorated the dynamic freshness of the citruses and the spiky bites of the spices; the citruses and the spices lead the way while the lightness of the fragrance is maintained and the woody and leather notes give it depth and sophistication.
The Eau de Toilette is dedicated to men who want a fragrance giving them the feel of freshness and energy after they have shaved; a reviving and energizing perfume mist which envelops them; a touch of elegance and refinement.

The sculpture-bottle is a different version of the original Baba Yaga Eau de Parfum Sculpture Bottle designed by artist Joëlle Fèvre. Baba Yaga espouses the shape of a tornado engulfing a tree and coming from the depth of the earth. The sculpture is black like the burnt bark of a tree, it was created as an interplay of light. The light is absorbed by the polish mat sides of the sculpture and is reflected on the shiny sides. It gets caught in the grained textures and covers the sculpture with ever-changing shades that each time in a different way reinvent the bottle. Depending on the light, the shiny and mat parts of the sculpture vary making each sculpture even more so unique. The glass bottle containing the perfume is locked in the porcelain sculpture; its metal cap reflects the top of the sculpture thereby becoming an integral part of the porcelain sculpture. The pump can be easily unscrewed for a quick refill and without loss of perfume.

Joëlle worked with a team in Limoges, which masters the porcelain traditions of Limoges and has the talent and expertise required to hand-finish each sculpture to produce the effects of texture and light. You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

The cap of the Sculpture-Bottle can also be worn as a ring. The size of the ring is ajustable.


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