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Djélem Duo

Sculpture-Bottle containing 1.7 oz.fl. of
Djélem Eau de Parfum
Travel Spray containing 10ml of
Djélem Eau de Parfum
Refillable . Cristalline glazes . Limoges Porcelain
With Certificate of Authenticity
"Ajustable cap-ring"

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280,00 € HT 54.88 € * 280,00 € TTC

Our DUO offer includes a Sculpture Bottle containing 50ml of Djélem Eau de Parfum and a Talisman (travel Spray) containing 10 ml of Djélem Eau de Parfum. The Talisman will allow you to keep your perfume with you at all times. Its porcelain cap is Made in Limoges.

The Sculpture-Bottle and the Talisman are refillable with our special refill Bottles.

The cap of the Sculpture-Bottles can also be worn as a ring. The size of the ring is ajustable.

You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

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