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Midi Eternel

Scented Candle
6.5 oz. . 100% natural wax . Cotton wick
The candle is available with or without a lid
Lid designed with artist Pascale Mestre
Signed and numbered . Mixed clays . Fine Faience

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We created a home fragrance using natural essences of outstanding quality to obtain an elegant and sophisticated sillage reflecting the art de vivre à la française. Our candle-maker defined the perfect balance between the perfume, the 100% natural  wax and the cotton wicks to achieve an optimal diffusion of the many facets of the perfume. As each of our perfume, Midi Eternel narrates a story and creates a specific ambiance.

Midi Eternel is a perfume as a reminiscence of the South of France, it narrates a walk in the Midi.
On a hot summer afternoon, I decide to go for a walk along the sea. I follow the coast path, lulled by the cicadas, the wind in the pine trees and the sound of the sea.
I sit down on the large limestones sprinkled with bright green samphires ; I rub the tiny samphire flowers against my fingers : the green note of galbanum, the bitter note of the coarse of a lemon, its sparkling freshness blend with the mineral and salty notes of the limestones, deeply anchored in the sea.
I start walking again and I enter the maquis : the leaves of rosemary, thym, myrtle, cistus linger on my fingers and perfume my hands with their dry warmth and their camphoric notes
The aromatic maquis leads me to the first pine trees. I pick up a pine cone and its sticky resin gets into my fingers ; the citrucy and incense aromas of its resin blend with the woody smell of its coarse. I step into the pine forest, the path is covered with pine needles, which crackle under my steps. I feel surrounded by the soft and woody scent of the pine trees warmed by the sun. I join my hands together near my nose, I close my eyes and I stop for a minute to breathe : this is the Midi in summertime.

Our scented candle narrates a walk ; to fully discover it, we invite you to keep the candle lit for at least one hour so that the wax can melt on the entire surface of the glass. Heated by the flame of the candle, the perfume will diffuse its initial notes and will take you on our journey.
After one to two hours, put out the candle but do not cover it with the lid. The warm wax will progressively diffuse other notes and you will continue the scented journey by discovering new facets of the perfume…
Please read carefully the instruction and security warnings mentioned on the back of the packaging.

Our candles are available with or without a lid.


The faience lid was created by artist Pascal Mestre who is a specialist in the mixed-clays technique. Each lid is unique, numbered and signed by the artist.

About three centuries ago, the technique of clay mixing was invented by an artist from Apt (South of France). This technique takes advantage of the mineralogical riches of the valley of Apt, the clay of which is naturally multi-colored with hues going from white to black and from yellow to red.
This technique consists in mixing clays of different colors to obtain, after firing, a magnifiscent multi-colored marbling throughout the whole thickness of the dough. A very thin, transparent glaze is applied after the first firing to enhance the texture and the colors of the faience. 

Pascale continues the tradition of the Apt Faience with great passion and has developped her very own style. She developed a specific technique to prepare the clays, which allows her to obtain original and unique patterns. Also, after studying synthetic colors and natural oxydes, cobalt, coper, chrome, she created her own palette of shades. Pascale’s style is minimalistic, she let’s the colors of the earth speak by themselves.
The lid narrates the facets of the perfume with specific shapes and carefully selected colors : there is the blinding sun of a summer day, the white limestones, the deep blue of the mediterranean sea, the pine niddles and pine cones which cover the paths with their brown hues…a clay which reflects the South of France, the Midi !



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