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Sulékó Scented Treks #3:
Discover wild Florida

1:30 Masterclass IN ENGLISH
Presented by Anastasia Sokolow live on ZOOM
On Saturday June 8, 2024
At 5:30 PM CET / 10:30 AM CDT
A kit with all the material will be mailed to you.
Register before May 23, 2024

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After a brief introduction on the geological history of Florida’s formation; Anastasia will take you to several of her favorite places to uncover the riches and variety of Florida’s habitats and their unique scents. Anastasia will focus on several native and non-native flowers and trees and take you across hammock forests where magnolias and citrus grow wild among old oak trees, mangrove tunnels, wild beaches, pristine springs and rivers, pine forests, swamps and the famous river of grass! As she focuses on specific ingredients Anastasia will also tell you more about the threats wild Florida is facing and how fragile these beautiful habitats are.

She will then tell you about the Sulékó language of scents where scents and emotions meets and tell you how she used this language to create Florida Vibrations and translate her vision of Florida. You will learn more about Anastasia vision of perfume creation and how she selects and uses scents to narrate a story and trigger emotions. 
This class is an invitation to vibrantly experience wild Florida.

The Masterclass is presented by Anastasia in English, live on Zoom.
On June 8 2024 at 5:30 PM CET / 10:30 AM CDT

Each participant receives a kit containing all the material for the class:
- 5 vials of scent ingredients diluted in alcohol (0,1 ml X 12)
- 1 spray-sample of Florida Vibrations Eau de Parfum (2ml)
- paper blotters to discover the scent ingredients and the Eau de Parfum. The kit is mailed two weeks prior to the event.

Each participant can invite a friend to join him/her for the Masterclass. They will then share their screen and their kit.

After the masterclass you will receive a voucher code which will unlock a special discount on your first purchase of a Florida Vibrations Sculpture-Bottle or Duo. The voucher will be valid for 2 weeks after the masterclass.

The masterclass will not be recorded and cannot be refunded.

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