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Vy Roza

Porcelain Sculpture-Bottle containing 1.7 fl. oz. of
Vy Roza Eau de Parfum
Sculpture-bottle designed with artist Joëlle Fèvre
Limoges Porcelain . Refillable
Ajustable cap-ring

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« Vy Roza belle Tatiana » sang the ballet master Triquet to Tatiana in Tchaikovski’s opera Eugene Oneguin ! This fragrance represents the gentle and pure Tatiana when she falls in Love with Oneguin. It was created around the precious essence of Rosa Damascena.

Imagine yourself walking in a garden on a beautifulI spring day, you smell the morning dew just evaporating in the first rays of the sun. You smell the flowery freshness of spring, the scent of lily of the valley, lilac, hyacinths still watery from the dew. And little by little the rose appears, first it is fruity, lumineous and then it becomes enveloping, soft and slightly powdery like this love which enlightens and awakens Tatiana.

The porcelain sculpture bottle was created with artist Joëlle Fèvre as a visual and tactile representation of the perfume.  Joëlle starts from a block of clay, which she sculpts to obtain light effects and texture effects. She does not use glaze because she likes to work with the organic texture and the translucency of porcelain biscuit. The aspect of the sculpture-bottle changes depending on where it stands and how it is touched by light.
You can guess the silhouette of a woman wearing a mouslin dress, elegant and refined, but you can also see the bud of a rose, which is slowely opening up. Its geometrical petals remind of the creations of the Cubists but the light ondulations bring tenderness and delicacy to it. The petals are carefully polished for a very soft and tender touch and reflect on the cap of the glass bottle, which mulitiplies them. The light moves through the petals and animates the sculpture-bottle. Fine streaks run through the bottle and remind you of the feel of the grass. They lead the eye to focus on the flower. The light leaning of the sculpture brings it to life, as if a light breeze was gently blowing over it. The glass bottle containing the perfume is locked in the porcelain sculpture; its metal cap reflects the top of the sculpture thereby becoming an integral part of the porcelain sculpture. The pump can be easily unscrewed for a quick refill and without loss of perfume.

Joëlle worked with a team in Limoges, which masters the porcelain traditions of Limoges and has the talent and expertise required to hand-finish each sculpture to produce the effects of texture and light.

The cap of the Sculpture-Bottle can also be worn as a ring. The size of the ring is ajustable.



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